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    I took a small break from minecraft that that's why I haven't been answering anyone's messages. However, luckily we have @Opting to provide us with updates. You can thank the new factions plugin to him!

    *Since some people said that the release sale was not fair due to the server being released late, I'm going to extend it.*

    SALE : 25% OFF FOR 2 DAYS


    New map:
    I literally downloaded this off planetminecraft because every time we have a new map, people end up downloading them and using them on their own servers. Why pay $100+ for a custom build when it's going to be leaked anyways? Map can be downloaded here.

    PvP Mode: You can enter pvp mode by right clicking the sword in your inventory. Have fun pvping in the hub while servers are down for maintenance or a reboot.

    Entire Network:
    *You can also use the command /customfactions to see the new changes)

    /f perms
    The Faction Permissions system allows you to manage what your members and other factions can do inside your land. You can control who can use buckets, build, invite people, kick people, and so much more. Just type the command /f perm, you will then be presented with a gui where you can select what permission you want to change. Clicking one of the permissions will bring up another gui where you can choose who does and does not have the permission.


    These are pretty much the same as the ones we had in the old factions plugin. You can use the command /f voidchest to purchase a chest that when placed, will automatically sell anything that goes into it. The money is deposited into our own custom factions economy.
    *If you have an old voidchests, please message me. DO NOT MOVE THEM OR PLACE THEM*

    Factions Banners / Assist
    Using the command /f banner will give you a banner, which when placed, will alert everyone in your faction that you need assistance. Your faction can then use /f assist to teleport to the banner. The banner is able to be placed anywhere, including warzone. This is an innovative way of handling teleportation during combat.
    *You no longer have to set a banner in order to use it*

    /f show
    The /f show command will now show a factions f top value, and their factions balance.

    Faction Rules
    You can now set rules for your faction using the command /f addrule [rule text here]. Your faction members will then be able to view these rules using the /f rules command. If you want to remove a rule, simply type /f delrule [rule number].

    Improved F Map
    The map displayed by typing /f map is much bigger than default, and you can click on the chunks in chat to claim/unclaim them.

    Claim / Unclaim Line
    You can claim and unclaim chunks in a line by using the command /f claimline [number] and /f unclaimline [number].

    /f co-leader
    The co leader role is an additional role within the faction that will allow you to give more trusted members more priveledges within the faction.

    /f ban
    Using the /f ban command will ban a player from joining your faction. It will also prevent them from being invited by anyone else in the faction.

    Custom Faction Economy
    The default factions plugin has a very laggy economy, so we made our own. Any money from voidchests is deposited in your factions balance, which you can view with /f show, or /f balance. You can deposit money from your own balance into your faction with /f deposit. Money can be withdrawn with the command /f withdraw. If you want, you can also pay people within your faction, using the factions balance with the /f pay command. This economy is much faster and more secure.

    Factions Fly
    As before, you can automatically fly when you are in land that you have permission to fly in. There has been a slight change though, now you may have to move around for a few blocks before fly is activated. This small change will massively decrease the stress on the server and improve performance.

    /f stealth
    Enabling /f stealth will stop other factions fly being disabled when you are close. You also won't show up in /near!

    /f near
    We now have a custom near command, which is /f near (/near will still work). This custom near will not show people who are in stealth mode, and ties into some other features we have planned.

    - Command/Faction Tabbing
    Typing /f and then pressing tab will now allow you to autocomplete factions commands. Additionally, using commands like /f show
    will autocomplete online players, and also factions. So if there's a faction by the name of 'IntenseRaids', typing /f enemy int
    will autocomplete it for you! This should make things much more convenient.

    1. Friendly fire will no longer be enabled in warzone. You can not hit allies or faction members while you're in the warzone.
    2. /f help + /features updated with everything.
    3. Voidchests are now $1,500,000. This is because they're now way more efficient, sells 3x faster, and will never miss an item.

    1. Trenches are now working for everyone, not only co-leaders
    2. NPCS will no longer disable fly
    3. Outposts are now enabled for normal enchants.
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