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    New Additions:
    Server: FULL 1.7 - 1.12 SUPPORT
    We are now accepting any clients from 1.7 - 1.12. Console clients are still being worked on. You can now use 1.7 for everyone that prefers it.

    Command: /settings
    You can run this command to have different toggles.
    Jelly legs, bottle removal, armorswitch, durability notifications

    Command: /duel
    You can now duel your friends or enemies. There are three identical arenas.

    Plugin: IRCore
    We have developed a core plugin that compacts all the factions essentials into one plugin. It's still being developed, but here's the features so far:
    Armor Switch (toggle)
    Bottle Removal (toggle)
    Armor/Item Break Alerts (toggle)
    Cobble Gen Blocked
    Item Durability Notifications (toggle)
    Enderman health reduced
    Enderman teleportation blocked
    Jelly Legs (toggle)
    No hunger (permission)
    Custom Radius Tools (infinite)
    Settings GUI (toggle toggleable features)
    No rain/thunder
    Anti Wither

    Plugin: IRNOTES 2.0
    We have now changed IRNOTES to a completely different plugin. Commands:
    /irnote convert: Change your old notes to the newer ones
    /irnote check: See if your note is valid. (duped notes aren't valid)

    Fireworks, GUI, Announcements will all happen when using an IRNOTE.

    Plugin: Zephyr Outpost
    (WIll be added later)

    You will only be able to rename your items with color with ranks gold+. Names such as Iron Golem Spawner, Rare Key, etc will be disabled.

    Plugin: CombatTag
    More whitelisted commands such as /f who, and /report in combat.
    Message me more suggestions.

    New Website + Buycraft:
    (Coming in 1-2 days)

    1. Freecam c-egg will no longer work. Fixed the issues where people couldn't place ceggs at all.
    2. KOTH loot will only be available to the capping faction.
    3. Aventon's sleep schedule (jk I wish I fixed it).

    More updates in the following weeks!
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