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    -=- SUGGESTIONS -=- {Some of these suggestions are for next season or seasons after}
    - More Tips (commands etc. for example /realname to check peoples real mc username, envoys/dragonegg what are they?, dragonegg time check command) [Allow for option to enable or disable tips] = There arent that much tips
    - '/f perm' fly option in other land like allies = This was allowed in previous seasons so why not
    - Sign up on forums to get in-game rewards = Having new people sign up on forums and joining the community they’ll most likely check out the forums or what’s on the shop, they might find something interesting and buy, checking suggestions and rules, what mods are allowed and that.
    - Allow for voidchest to be immediately put in inventory upon breaking 'with a tool' not ceggs just like how it works with spawners = seeing voidchests are now worth 1.5mil
    - '/time' displays timezones which you set/select to be displayed when you use the command = Right now it displays the incorrect time for your timezone and when asking other faction players when their mate is going to be on cause lets say they owe you 10 IG spawners, the guy you ask says he lives in this timezone. You’ll the have to go online or your phone to check their timezone, its inconvenient is what im saying.
    - A tool which allows for placing blocks more than one block sideways (like filter, pancake or flooring/roofing) = i understand you can use schematics for this but for those that dont have schematica or have problems getting it
    - Cannon testing server = Testing if repeater timing works properly with the servers TPS along with having the world edit options testing, tntfill and that because you cant do this in singleplayer. Having this option can maintain a high playerbase
    - Lottery = seeing with jackpot and coinflip you have to ask people to join and its not that popular. Im not saying coinflip and jackpot is a terrible useless idea
    - Mob arena (advancing through each level, mobs starts to become harder to kill, the higher the level you reach the better loot you get and is also dependent on how many players participate) = i know i've read that bosses are coming in next season its just something else faction players can do and have fun
    - Diabanding all factions that have been inactive for 10 days, 1-5 days before reset date as they will most likely be inactive for the new season = This will give players a chance at increasing their f top as the inactive factions stuff wont go to waste. Plus it will encourage players to stay back for a few days and be aware of a reset happening in a couple of days or any other news. Plus playerbase can still be at a moderate number seeing factions being disbanded and raids happening
    - More staff from different timezones, dont see any from, CDN, AU or Russia (if there are any), I only see staff from the UK and US = More staff being online (sometimes their arent any staff online) means a safer, better, happier and fun community.
    - Auction notifies you that items have expired in chat for you (read next suggestion)
    - Auction items that are expired and arent collected within a period of time, can be stored into a public chest at spawn (read next suggestion) = Because in the auction people can set items at unaffordable prices till it expires, then it is stored in the users auction expired inventory. With no iime limit on the already expired items, they can keep it there for how long they want, what im saying is people can use the auction as another personal chest ‘only they’ can access.
    - A 1 large public chest at spawn for people to store stuff in and give away, clears every hour when full, like a dropparty but in a chest = Can reduce lag and plus new players when they join can see the amount of active players.
    - '/mctop', top 3 players rewarded with mcmmo credits in the next season = Mcmmo plays alot in factions especially for those unranked donor players, it helps them out alot if they dont have any special tools like 3x3 pickaxes. Besides whats the point of having a mctop if there are no rewards but to showoff your mcmmo level overall
    - Top 5 factions at the end of the season get some rewards too rather than just the top 3, so like a stack of genbuckets for factions = Im sure players are willing to stay back if the top 5 (additional 2) factions are rewarded especially if they are big factions with alot of active ayers which will have a positive impact on the playerbase. As the playerbase increases or remains at a reasonable amount, increase it to top 10
    - Having a check a players bio/profile, showing their bal, prices they sell their spawners for or what they are buying them for, a description about themselves, previous bans, show off items, how long they played on intenseraid, factions they’ve been in previous seasons, successuful factios they were apart of, ranking of the factions they were apart of in previous seasons, what they are doing in life, reputation - like facebook but for a minecraft faction server (maybe for donors only?). = I know this one sounds abit too much, but yeah, people always ask in chat if they are selling spawners and socialise and that maybe this can be something else new and fun
    - A '/seen [name]' = to see how long they’ve been offline, maybe you were best friends with them and to see if they ditched you (just an example). Plus u cant see how long they’ve been offline when their not in a faction because you cant hover over their name
    - Colourcoding ally faction names in normal chat, all the faction names are light green in chat = This can prevent some confusion when lets say ‘arguing’ or talking ‘light trash’ towards the wrong players eventually making you enemy to them
    - Allowing for higher donors to colour their faction name as a leader or title their faction = Just another cool perk of being a donor and its so bland when you type /f who to see their faction
    - Disallow placing spawners a week prior to reset date or randomly selecting how many days ranging to a week to disallow placing spawners (after the reset date has been announce of course, like 2 weeks prior) = This is so people dont place all their spawners they've saved up in their inventory or from insiding as reset date approaches and getting away with the f top prizes for only themselves. Its also an advantages for defenders when they are being raided

    -=- FIX -=-
    - ‘/fix’ for redstone ranks does not work (repairs item individually cooldown 1hr). As advertised in the store redstone rank gets /fix
    - Color code/highlight 'your' name if mentioned or or caps preventer should check name before making it all lowercase, making the name case sensitive on how it should be said
    - Entering/Leaving wilderness chat notification is somehow disabled
    - Server auto kicks you for sending too many packets when using schematic, setting it on a high printer setting (if cannot be fixed, maybe a link to a page for the recommended settings for schematic on the server?)
    - Selling the raw wood extracted from trees wont sell
    - /repair does not work, to check the repair mcmmo (It is not a command to repair items (it's '/fix' to repair items) it is a command to check the 'repair mcmmo skill')
    - Crate rewarding exp should give the right amount as shown, so 20 level exp as rewarded is somehow 16 level exp (i think). It should give you 20 levels of exp. Another example, you have 3 exp and you are rewarded 20 from a crate, you should have 23 levels of exp. I know how the normal exp system works, exp proportinally increases with level, maybe making it justs the number level if that makes sense?
    - ‘/feed’ does not work for redstone ranks
    - Outpost Zephyrs does not reward keys every 2hrs

    -=- Aventon's Youtube channel idea suggestions -=-
    - A tutorial on how to install schematica or other cool mods to improve a players faction experience
    - Showing some cool hidden commands, tips, tutorial, end of season shwoing peoples bases for top 3 factions or top 10, interviewing the players
    - Spectating/commentating some raids
    - Searching/trolling hackers

    Excuse the grammar and punctuation
    Hope that all made sense
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    What do you mean by the /fix is broken is it not repairing the single item? Also Birdnoises is Canadian staff :). Overall I like a few of the ideas! I think a mob arena would be cool as I often see players complaining about lack of pvp, this could be fun for them. Also think something should be done about placing spawners at the last minute.
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    Thanks for the suggestions, some of the things don't really seem to be thought out very well, other things are already in the server just you have tried to explain it in a different fashion, but with that said some idea's do look really good and can probably be added next map. The staff team is working very hard on getting new ideas into the server adding more for the players to enjoy. A mob arena has been spoke about a couple times in staff meetings so now we have a player wanting it we can probably see this in a future update.

    The /fix is only for one item with Redstone Rank it does say this on the store. The Top 10 Faction rewards isn't exactly the best idea with a low player based server, maybe if we get a higher player base and more active factions this could be added but probably only for the top 5 not 10 as thats kinda overkill.

    Some of the youtube suggestions you added for Aventon can be found on youtube already i.e; The Schematica Install Guide. Also Aventon would need a lot of free time for the spectating of raids because he would want to make these raids good and a good raid doesnt exactly take 10 minutes ;)

    The rewards for mctop seems a little pointless as McMMO doesnt really do anything on this server and is extremely easy to gain/grind anyway.

    Don't see this as a hate comment, just trying to help you out to adapt your ideas, there is some good ones here that myself and Grace will put forward to Aventon and hopefully we can see something happen.

    Thank you as always for playing IntenseRaids and thank you for the suggestions!
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    It does seem like you have some good ideas, but most of them seem like they were just put there to give out suggestions.
    I was surprised and excited when I saw a long list of suggestions because usually people only put around 1-2 per thread. Started reading it and most of these suggestions either seemed not too thought out, incomplete ideas, or just plain useless.

    I'll be sure to look back here when I'm updating the server in the future. Not a hate post, keep bringing me ideas!
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