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  1. originalchickens
    originalchickens Aventon
    why is it saying its in beta again
    1. Aventon
      We're working on bug fixes atm!
      Jan 8, 2018
  2. Scoopp
    Scoopp Aventon
    Aventon. Let me join the beta
    1. Aventon
      We're accepting beta starting tomorrow, make sure to have your application in.
      Dec 22, 2017
    2. Scoopp
      It has been in. Thanks Aventon!
      Dec 22, 2017
  3. ____0__0____
  4. chards
    uh hey.
    1. pre _ vail and Major like this.
  5. Clockzy
    Stats page is cool ;)
  6. ____0__0____
    look at my beta applicaton :_)
  7. FusionOne
  8. HexxCat
  9. ____0__0____
    merri kristmas l0l xd 3m3ms
  10. Hexxferret
    How to poach an egg in a microwave:
  11. birdnoises
  12. Hexxferret
    Hexxferret birdnoises
    in canada is maple syrup a gender?
  13. Demox
    Male, Teenager. Advocate of free speech. SJW/Cuck/Snowflake-Triggerer. Proud /b/ro. Political Correctness = Fascism. I R O N I C memelord.
  14. Clockzy
    Tick tock
  15. Vangrollioli
    Vangrollioli birdnoises
    Wittle TweetTweet from canadada
    1. birdnoises
      its cold up here
      Nov 9, 2017
  16. vicer0y
    i lost the password for my birdnoises account, but then i got it again so just ignore this profile k thx xoxoxo
  17. fireplaces
  18. Moosebobby
    Moosebobby Opting
    accept my discord friend request
  19. x7au
    x7au Aventon
    Follow me senpai!
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  20. Vangrollioli
    Vangrollioli shinpoo
    naw fam ur 11
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