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Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Prayin, Jun 10, 2018.

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    IGN : Prayin
    Age? : 16
    Timezone? : PST
    Do you have a working screen recorder [OBS, Fraps ETC] : Yea
    Do you have a working microphone: Yea
    How many hours a day can you moderate on the server? : 12
    What are your main aspirations for the server? : I’ve been around intense raids for a while and have played factions since damn near the beginning. I have been a staff member on servers such as the archon. I know how to manage people and a server.
    What key skills and features make you stand out from others? : I have played factions for years and am experienced with every aspect of it wether it be raiding or plugins. I’ve dedicated countless hours to intense raids as a server and I am known in the community.
    Do you have any past experience as staff? : I’ve been a helper on the archon as well as been heavily involved in the developement of servers such as mineswamp, daedric, tropical pvp, and others.
    How well do you know Faction commands? : I’ve been playing factions since the original archon red days. I know the commands and plugins of every standard server like the back of my hand.
    Any other additional information we should know about you? : If you need help testing cannons I’m your guy. Prayin#8238
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