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Antepartum Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Antepartum, May 20, 2018.

  1. IGN : Antepartum

    Age? : 19 Years old

    Timezone? : Eastern Standard Time

    Do you have a working screen recorder [OBS, Fraps ETC] : ? Yes, I use OBS.

    Do you have a working microphone? Yes.

    How many hours a day can you moderate on the server? : I would say 2-4 but also give or take these hours on certain days as well.

    What are your main aspirations for the server? : Well I feel that some of my aspiration are that this is a factions server. Factions is my favorite gamemode by far. I love the fact of starting on a new server to help and grow the community. I feel that another good main aspiration would be to see the server start as new and thrive to being something successful. My last aspiration would be to gain a lot of new friends as well as have a great community to stand by.

    What key skills and features make you stand out from others? : I feel that I can bring to the table a lot of good and professional skills. I know that players will be able to look and come to me as somewhat of a leader. I always try my hardest at what I am doing as well as taking it seriously. I feel that a lot of people come to me before they go to someone else in the staffing community when they get to know me because I treat everyone fairly and I am never bias. I tend to listen to both sides of the stories and give everyone a fair chance. I feel that another one of my skills is the ability to remain clam and professional is mostly any situation. I am a very respectful and responsible person in and out of the minecraft setting. I also feel that I love management roles such as staff management because I know how that should be ran and the specific guidelines that staff members should/need to be following in order to have a well maintained staff team.

    Do you have any past experience as staff? : Yes, I will listen some of the most important and predominant ones.

    XethonHub- XethonHub was the first server I started my staffing career on. This server was a RPG, Factions, and also zombie survival server. Mined you this was back when I was around 14-15 years old. I went from a Helper to the Network Admin within a year. The server ran a good 50-70 player base.

    Proelium Factions- This server was the server owned by the old youtubers trekks and friskyyt. I was the Head Mod of the server. Proelium only ran for about 3 months with a player base of 100+ players. The server was closed shortly after due to both the owners quitting MC.

    DeniedPvP- I was the Owner of Denied PvP which was a factions server. My server ran a good 25-40 player base for about 6 months. We had 3 resets so roughly one every 2 months. The server closed due to me qutiting minecraft for some time.

    There are more servers was those are the more liable and most popular ones

    How well do you know Faction commands? : I know factions very well. I have been playing the mode since I was about 13-14 so around 5 years.

    Any other additional information we should know about you? : Not really sure, you can ask anything you like really.
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    if i say my feedback, it'll get deleted because staff can't do their job right.

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