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Allowed Mods

Discussion in 'Rules' started by IntenseRaids, Apr 30, 2018.

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  1. These rules are updated often, so please keep up to date on them. It is not our fault if you are not aware of these rules.

    Optifine is a mod mainly used to increase the players FPS (frames per second) so it is fine to use.

    Better Sprint:
    Better Sprint is a mod which allows the user to toggle sprint instead of holding the sprint key. It is incredibly useful for PvP, it is not banned as you can use the default sprint button (CTRL) if you don't have Better Sprint.

    Shaders is allowed on IntenseRaids as it visually enhances your experience and makes it look extremely fancy/realistic.

    World Downloader:
    World downloaders allow the user to see whats inside the base, but does not allow you to see what is inside the chests.

    Some minimaps are welcome on IntenseRaids and others are prohibited, the ones that are allowed are ones that do not show players, mobs or caves. Some examples are Journey Map's Fair-Play edition and Zan's Minimap Fair-play edition. The features that are not allowed on IntenseRaids are : Player radar, underground maps and entities.

    Direction/Armor/Potion Status Hud:
    These mods allow you to see the durability of your armor, show the effects you have on, and the direction in which you are looking in (N,E,S,W). These mods are all allowed on IntenseRaids.

    Damage Indicators:
    Damage indications are allowed on IntenseRaids, this mod allows you to see the health of an entity/person.

    The use of schematica is allowed, as well as the printer option.

    Any other mods that are not listed here are prohibited on IntenseRaids, to generalise things, allowed mods are : modifications that don't give you an advantage over other players such as optifine, increasing gamma, changing fonts, showing your CPS, etc.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.

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